An Artist’s Heart Book

I have a new contemporary romance coming out called IN STARLIGHT, a full-length novel and part the Artist’s Hearts Series. One of my first published books is a short story called Sorcha in Snowflakes which featuring a brilliant painter as heroine and a handsome tech geek as her love interest. It was a sweet deeply romantic fated love story. I was in the middle of finishing my paranormal series involving Daimon Soldiers, but the characters from Sorcha kept popping back in my head. When I finished the last Daimon Soldier book, I started writing some ideas down.

As an exercise, I started with a meet-cute because I wanted to figure out who these characters were. Somehow, a rock star strolled down the stairs to meet Vi while she was unloading stuff from her car. IN STARLIGHT has a rom-com DNA – family, friends, and wedding serve as the backdrop to the novel. My rock star? He is defiantly an artist, and the woman he meets is a visual artist. Art is a demanding profession requiring focus and dedication which creates tension for the main characters as they both pursue their passion.

I used some of my personal experience working in the PC and console computer games as a resource for Vi. The more I thought about her obsession with drawing Fairies, I realized that they reminded me of concept art for a game. So, a game company producer sees her art and asks her to visualize the characters for a computer game.

I envisioned the computer game that Vi is working on as having winged Fairy warriors. Their clothes would be more like warrior clothes with leathers and tunics, but they have huge attitude more like cute little Valkyrie. They live in a hyper green, vibrant natural world—maybe on a lost island in the mists of a distant world.

IN STARLIGHT combines some of my favorite tropes in romance, rockstar, wedding, brother of a friend, fated mates, damaged hero and strong, smart heroine.  I wanted a mad romance with fated ambiance to it.

Liam Macklin is lean, smiling and handsome in a poetic singer-songwriter way. This year, I needed to write a gentle, sweet hero. Okay, he lapses into rock star arrogance but works his way out of it. His failure makes him more interesting as he learns he can’t control everything.

Vi Golden. Some people have a glow about them and it makes them beautiful. If you look at Vi Golden, the parts seem ordinary, but her eyes and her smile make her special. She is strong-willed and optimistic. An only child with only a father, she has been informally adopted by her best friend’s family, the Rosenbloom’s. She and Sorcha Rosenbloom have been friends from college. Vi is successful in real estate and on the brink of massive success with her artwork. Liam might be a complication, or he might be her fate? How did he draw a woman who looked like her before they met?

Enjoy reading IN STARLIGHT. On pre-order now. It will be a Kindle Unlimited selection.

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