Naberius: Daimon Soldier 

A thrilling mashup of demon, shifters and Vikings. A Daimon soldier is exiled to Earth and a beautiful young intelligence analyst is sent to investigate him. A whirlwind of adventure, danger, and passion with fated mates, soldiers and Shifter Daimons from another realm.

Holiday Ever After 

Baby, it’s cold outside! Come snuggle up with Holiday Ever After, a collection of 15 stories filled with love and passion sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Featuring stories by the Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA), Holiday Ever After will keep you warm on a chilly winter’s night.

Belle Ami • Kate Bigel • Roxann Breazile • Cami Brite • Claire Davon • Beverly Diehl • Pamela DuMond • Susannah Erwin • Nora Flite • Mia Hopkins • Kadee McDonald • Teri McGill • Marla Murphy • Kathy O’Rourke • Jewel Quinlan

Short Story : Sorcha in Snowflakes : A Christmas/Hanukkah contemporary romance