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NABERIUS: Daimon Soldier is a thrilling mashup of shifter, demon, Viking fantasy and military genres. A hot, sexy romance and a fast paced adventure with sword fights and battles with Daimon enemies.

Naberius Vasteras, General of the Armies in the Daimon Wars, is drawn to the dark-eyed beauty.
Jessalyn Weiss, recovering from a troubled past, is about to change her life after one last assignment.

A European Intelligence brief reports on the existence of Daimons in Naberius’s wilderness survival company. The existence of Daimons is a secret to humans on Earth.
A dangerous attraction sparks between Naberius and Jessalyn as she investigates the report. Her energy is sweet. She might be his mate. If he shows her who he is, there is no going back.

Daimons have two forms, one human and the other, a mythic monster with horns.
Jessalyn struggles to face the impossible. She must fight for their love against terrible enemies.
But she is tougher than she looks…

Daimons live in a hidden realm on earth. Years ago, they lived amongst the Vikings but retreated to their realm as the world became less hospitable to creatures who shift from a human to a fierce demon-like appearance with horns. Naberius is in exile on earth, recovering from years of fighting in the Great Daimon wars. Twenty of his men have accompanied him to honor their General who led them in battle.

Naberius thinks he is damaged and broken but sometimes cracks are what make someone real. Jessalyn is brilliant and beautiful. She finds the strength to dare to fall in love with someone who both man and beast. Faced with incredible danger and evil, she discovers that she is a fighter. And I have always wanted to write a battle scene AND sex scenes. Done. Yeah!


NEW BLOG: Soldiers and Memorial Day

Holiday Ever After

Featuring stories by the Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA), Holiday Ever After will keep you warm on a chilly winter’s night.

Belle Ami • Kate Bigel • Roxann Breazile • Cami Brite • Claire Davon • Beverly Diehl • Pamela DuMond • Susannah Erwin • Nora Flite • Mia Hopkins • Kadee McDonald • Teri McGill • Marla Murphy • Kathy O’Rourke • Jewel Quinlan

Baby, it’s cold outside! Come snuggle up with Holiday Ever After, a collection of 15 stories filled with love and passion sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Get tangled up with a Regency tavern wench, your own Mr. Scrooge, or the ghosts of Christmases past and present. Open your home and your heart to visitors from far away. Is your secret Santa a Navy SEAL, a handsome jock, or an artist? Perhaps you’d like to ring in the holidays with that office party hottie, the sexy exchange student next door, or a Vegas stripper? Whether you like your holiday treats sweet or spicy, there’s something for everyone in Holiday Ever After.

My Short Story is ‘Sorcha in Snowflakes ‘ A Christmas/Hanukkah contemporary romance

A beautiful painter, Sorcha Rosenbloom, meets a mysterious man she has drawn in her sketchbook. Alexander Macklin has fallen in love with her painting — a self-portrait standing in the forest with snow falling. Their love story combines a magical destiny and fate in a contemporary urban setting.


Kate’s Favorite Quote of the Week

“And infatuated be damned. He was near to being blinded by his attraction to her. He was in love, damn it all. He disliked her, he resented her, he disapproved of almost everything about her, yet he was head over ears in love with her, like a foolish schoolboy.
He wondered grimly what he was going to do about it.

He was not amused.

Or in any way pleased.”
Mary Balogh, Slightly Dangerous

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