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“An adventurous paranormal that is smart, sexy, and nerdy.”

Soldier, Daimon, Shifter, and Beast. Naberius Vasteras is drawn to the smart, dark-eyed beauty, Jessalyn Weiss. She is recovering from a troubled past, is about to change her life after one last assignment. Set in contemporary California, this story combines the best in paranormal, alpha males, soldiers, demons with a Viking vibe.

Daimons have two forms – human and a horned Daimon beast form and they shift when they want. The existence of Daimons is a secret to humans on Earth. Naberius and his men are in exile in the earth realm, commanded to keep secret who and what they are. They make ends meet by running a company that trains soldiers in in wilderness survival for the NATO armies.

Naberius struggles to realize that Jessalyn is his mate and the mating urge cannot be denied.

Jessalyn struggles to face the impossible. She must fight for their love against terrible enemies. But she is tougher than she looks…

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