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Holiday Ever After

Featuring stories by the Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA), Holiday Ever After will keep you warm on a chilly winter’s night.

Belle Ami • Kate Bigel • Roxann Breazile • Cami Brite • Claire Davon • Beverly Diehl • Pamela DuMond • Susannah Erwin • Nora Flite • Mia Hopkins • Kadee McDonald • Teri McGill • Marla Murphy • Kathy O’Rourke • Jewel Quinlan

Baby, it’s cold outside! Come snuggle up with Holiday Ever After, a collection of 15 stories filled with love and passion sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

Get tangled up with a Regency tavern wench, your own Mr. Scrooge, or the ghosts of Christmases past and present. Open your home and your heart to visitors from far away. Is your secret Santa a Navy SEAL, a handsome jock, or an artist? Perhaps you’d like to ring in the holidays with that office party hottie, the sexy exchange student next door, or a Vegas stripper? Whether you like your holiday treats sweet or spicy, there’s something for everyone in Holiday Ever After.

My Short Story is ‘Sorcha in Snowflakes ‘ A Christmas/Hanukkah contemporary romance

A beautiful painter, Sorcha Rosenbloom, meets a mysterious man she has drawn in her sketchbook. Alexander Macklin has fallen in love with her painting — a self-portrait standing in the forest with snow falling. Their love story combines a magical destiny and fate in a contemporary urban setting.


Daimon’s Sip

A scorching tale of an exiled Daimon General and a beautiful intelligence agent.


Naberius Vasteras, Commander of the Armies in the Daimon Wars, is fascinated by the dark-eyed beauty under his guard.


Jessalyn Weiss is recovering from her own troubled past and craving a change. Can she handle a man who wants her but pushes her away?


This is an 80k word novel in final edit.  I will publish on Amazon, iTunes and other appropriate platforms.

Everyone who reads this manuscript falls in love with Naberius. Who wouldn’t fall for a gorgeous tall Viking dude with beautiful gold eyes? He thinks he is damaged and broken but sometimes cracks are what make someone real. And I have always wanted to write a battle scene AND sex scenes. Done. Yeah.

Kate’s Favorite Quote of the Week

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.”
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven

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