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Gusion: Daimon Heart

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An explosive paranormal romance full of political intrigue, desire and fantastic adventure with secret worlds and mythic beings…Shifters, lovers, beasts. Tatianna, Shield Maiden and leader in the new unified Daimon Realm and Gusion, an infamous Berserker soldier work together on earth to obtain vaccinations for the Daimon Realm.

Tatianna, Ice Daimon Shield Maiden and the hope of all her people for peace and unity, is a newly appointed political leader. He has never committed to anything but serving his general as a soldier, and she has never trusted a Daimon with her heart until now.

A stand-alone story. Book 3 in the Daimon Soldier Series.

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Naberius: Daimon Soldier


Smart, sexy, and adventurous. A paranormal fantasy romance with alpha males, smart women, and Daimons with a Viking vibe. SHIFTER, LOVER, BEAST. A thrilling mashup of Demon, shifter and military genres. 

Naberius Vasteras, Daimon General, is exiled to the Earth Realm after the Daimon Wars.
Jessalyn Weiss, an intelligence analyst sent to investigate him. A fantastical and imaginative story set in the world of today with sword fights and battles.

A stand-alone story. Book 1 in the Daimon Soldier Series.

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Maelcom Daimon Desire


A stunning new novel—an epic of fantasy, romance, and adventure with secret worlds and fabulous creatures who can shift from human to beast…

An ex-soldier with a big secret struggling to heal from the horrors of war. A beautiful Swedish artist looking for the love of her life with a kiss. Can a free-spirited artist ever love a Daimon soldier with a bloody past who shifts shape to a fierce horned creature from another realm?

A stand-alone story. Book 2 in the Daimon Soldier Series.

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