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I promise no more than once a month. Right? Cause I got books to write.

Each month though I will pick a name from my newsletter list and you will receive a free romance book in the mail from me – US only for now until I figure out international mail.  I collect piles of free books from conferences because I can’t say no to a free book, but unfortunately, I live on a boat. I have two shelves for books, and they are stuffed. Not to mention, I live near the best Romance bookstore in the United States, The Ripped Bodice in Culver City and I go there because it’s fun and I think “I should really support them,” so I buy more books. Plus they have a used book room which is like walking down memory lane of my book reading life, and I buy more books. You get the picture,? Piles of books and annoyed looks from the darling husband.

So sign up for my newsletter, and I will put your name in a hat. I will email you, and you have to tell me if like dirty or clean romance. Right? I like both so I have both. My idea of clean is Robyn Carr, and my idea of dirty is CD Reiss.