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MY BIO – Who are you, KATE BIGEL?

As a child, I was happiest when I was reading. Things haven’t changed that much since then.

I went to college to study English Lit. I wrote poetry, and then I started painting my poems and the stories. I transferred to Art School and eventually, I started building my fantastical narratives as art installations. I have an MFA in Sculpture and taught art. Finally, I started working in the tech industry as a visual artist in computer games and had way more fun than I ever imagined working a job. Yes, I had to play a lot of computer games, and I met amazing, brilliant people.

After that, I needed more adventures, so my family and I sailed around the Pacific on our sailboat.

We headed back to the United States where I worked in computer games as a Production Director, but I was missing being a creative artist. I started writing; blogs, ideas, books on sailing, and eventually a short story which became my first novel.  And I haven’t stopped writing since then.

My favorite stories in the world are fairy tales which is why I love romance and happily ever after’s. I write stories with heart, adventure and a touch of magic.




Email me at KB (at) katebigel.com


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