About KB

Who are you, KATE BIGEL?

As a child, Kate was happiest when she was reading. Things haven’t changed that much since then.

She went to college to study English Lit, wrote poetry, and started painting her poems and the stories. She transferred to Art School and eventually, she began building fantastical narratives as art installations. Broke, she started working in the tech industry as a visual artist in computer games and had way more fun than she ever imagined working a job.

After that, she sailed around the Pacific with her family. They still live on it in Southern California. Back in the United States, she worked in computer games as a Production Director, but she missed being a creative artist. She started writing; blogs, ideas, books on sailing, and eventually a short story which became her first novel.

Her favorite stories in the world are fairy tales which is why she loves romance and happily ever after’s. Kate Bigel writes stories with heart, adventure and a touch of magic.



Email me at KB (at) katebigel.com


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