Boat Life

This has been a hell of a year.

And now the election. <BIDEN! In case, you aren’t sure.>

The boat in San Diego

It has been disruptive from a creative standpoint and profoundly seismic in terms of what I’m writing and reading. I am without a doubt a very different person this year from last year. Who isn’t? And how can I be still the same? Answer: I’m not.

On the upside, we are busy planning the last great adventure of our lives.

I live on a sailboat with my husband. We moved on in 2000 and spent six years on a slow-paced exploration of the Pacific. We ended up in Australia and pondered what to do. We almost immigrated to New Zealand – one the bigger mistakes in my life that we decided not to do that. Leaving one’s country is very difficult particularly with parents still alive.

We returned to the US and lived in Marina del Rey, California for many years. Driven up by crazy high cost of living, we moved south to San Diego. Luckily when your home floats, moving is simple.

After 20 years, the boat needs major work and we are crunching thru the list. Think about how much work a 30-year-old house needs and basically double the costs. Sigh.  

We are retiring a little early and preparing to head south and then west to French Polynesia and Fiji.  Everything dependent on Covid – of course.

I’m looking forward to heading out. It’s beautiful being out on the ocean headed to a distant island. Last time we went, I had a four-year-old to care for and that was a lot of work. Sure, I’m nervous because I’m older and a little slower but I know my boat is kindly and solid.

For my writing, it will be great. There won’t be a lot to do but read and write in wonderful places.

Obviously, I will blog our adventures. I am not working on sailing fiction but who knows what the future will bring.

20 years ago leaving San Diego.
Tuaomotus Anchorage in French Polynesia


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