“Her lips took his breath away. To receive only some of her kisses made him want all of them.”

IN STARLIGHT comes out April 30. Please pre-order your Kindle e-book now, and it will automagically appear on your Kindle. But the paperback is available now for people who love real books.

Romance tropes: Rock star, fated mates, Love at a wedding, and a flipped meet-cute because he dreams about her before he meets her.

The small family wedding where half the book takes place changes their meeting and interactions. They fall in love on their own, they screw it up on their own and find their way back, but the people around them are them are vital to the story.

At her best friend’s wedding, Vi Golden meets Liam Macklin, a rock star with a sweet smile. He wrote his hit song after he dreamed of a woman who looks just like her. In Starlight began as a continuation of a short story, Sorcha in Snowflakes, in which Sorcha meets a man who bought her self-portrait painting and it sort of saved him. Vi is a friend in that story, and Sorcha falls in love with Alexander Macklin, Liam’s brother.

I know everyone will hear the song ‘In Starlight’ differently. Tell me if you hear a melody while you read the story of these star-crossed lovers.

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