The Daimon Soldier Trilogy

I am very excited to announce that all three books in the Daimon Soldier series are going to be available in one book called ‘The Daimon Soldier Trilogy’ available as an eBook only on April 9, 2019. It is a digital box set extravaganza. In addition, it will be part of Kindle Unlimited.

I write a little background for the characters. Usually, I do it halfway through a book when I get to know the characters and I need to clarify motivation.

Here is the backstory of Naberius:

General Naberius Vasteras was the lead field General in a long and brutal war against the Ice Daimons. He was known for personal leading his men into battle, his enemies called him the Mad General. He was feared and mythologized. After the peace, he became depressed, withdrawn and prone to drunken rages.

His mother, Lady Hannah Vasteras, was the leader of the Jotun Government and the de facto head of the country. She leads the peace effort and the interim government of the formally divided realm of Daimons. He was “exiled to earth” to remove from the political pressures of being the eldest son during this time. Although she is seen as unifying leader, her son is still considered by many to be “the mad general”. The earth realm had been closed to Daimons during the war, and Hannah wanted to remove her son from the pressure of his position and have a trusted ally renew Daimon understanding of the earth realm.

His personal guard (a group of the best Daimon fighters) volunteered to accompany Naberius into exile. His closest men are also suffering from the aftereffects of a long and brutal war.

They arrive through the Scandinavian Gates which are portals between realms. An ancient trust in the Vasteras name is held by Swedish banks. Naberius and his men obtain money and official identifications for his men. They work for the Danish Special forces teaching combat fighting in the wilderness but eventually leave to set up their own business as military trainers in Extreme Wilderness skills. They set up a base in Greenland but add a headquarters on the West Coast when they work for the US military teaching Wilderness survival skills.

When Naberius opens an office in the US, his closest friends, Maelcom, and Gusion accompanies him. Maelcom is Naberius point man in security and intelligence—a sort of fixer. Gusion is bored and opens a bar in a building where Naberius established his offices.

He recovers slowly from effects of his post-war breakdown, initially spending a great deal of time in the wilds of Greenland. He finds purpose in building a business to employ his men. Nothing is expected of him in the earth realm and he is able to relax.

While on earth, he maintains his human form although in the wilds of Greenland, he and his men can shift and be themselves. Occasionally he suffers from difficulty of maintaining his form as a manifestation of his post war breakdown. He believes himself flawed and damaged.

And now, Naberius: Her Daimon Soldier begins.

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