Maelcom Skov-Baern, Daimon Warrior Background

Character information:

Maelcom Skov-Baern, son of a farmer, signed up for the military school when he was young. He was berserker Jotun and wanted to fight. He became one of General Naberius Vasteras personal guards. He was called the Pounding fist of the Mad General. Revered and mytholigized, songs are song about his fierceness and loyalty to his General during the Great Wars.

The war was long and brutal. Maelcom’s problems manifested in withdrawal and a tremor between his two forms.

When Naberius was sent into exile to earth, his personal guard volunteered to accompany him. Naberius was drunk and angry at the end of the war. In the grips of depression, he drank and fought. His mother, Lady Hannah Vasteras, was a leader of the Jotun Government and the defacto head of the country. She was attempting to rebuild the realm in the new peace. She “exiled” him as a way to get away from his past and the pressures of being the eldest son but primarily to remove from political dangers.

Maelcom is haunted by the death of his brother and is at loss with his celebrity in the Daimon world for his ferocious fighting. Lady Hannah asks his personal guard to accompany him. Twenty men volunteer to go with him.

They arrive through the Scandinavian Gates. An ancient trust in the Vasteras name is held by Swedish banks. Naberius and his men obtain money and official identifications for his men. They work for the Danish Special forces teaching combat fighting in the wilderness but eventually leave to set up their own business as military trainers in Extreme Wilderness skills. Maelcom does contract intelligence work for them. They set up a base in Greenland and eventually get the US military as a client.

When Naberius opens an office in the US, Maelcom and Gusion accompany him. Maelcom is Naberius point man in security and intelligence—a sort of fixer.

Oddly, he enjoys earth. He is friends with Bobby, a surfer and musician who helps him learn to be more relaxed by learning to surf.

Maelcom is very intelligent but very sweet and gentle. He is a huge man. People find him intimidating so he always projects a very quiet demeanor. The intelligence work he does pays him well and he is very particular about things. Always the best. Bespoke. Craftsmanship in clothes, cars, weapons and art.

Maelcom and many of the other men have broken with their belief in the guards. Traumatized from war, they do not want to worship warring gods. But their culture still affects their beliefs.

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