Naberius: Her Daimon Soldier

A new version of Naberius: Her Daimon Soldier is up and available on all eBook retailers. Please download the latest version today! I updated the cover because I wanted the art to reflect the fact that it is Jessalyn’s story as much as it is Naberius’s. A lot of promotions featured Jessalyn and readers responded so positively to her, I decided to include her on the new cover.

Also, I did a new edit pass with a brilliant editor to fix copy problems and awkward sentences. I did change one element of the story. Daimons can take energy from one each other. In the Daimon Realm, this is a social exchange. I fixed a couple of sections where it appeared Naberius was taking Jessalyn’s energy without consent. The energy sip was intended to be always a sip of the excess energy surrounding people, but it was important that this was clear. It was essential for me to edit these sections to ensure that Naberius acted like a hero and not like some abusive jerk.

The story takes place in contemporary times, but Naberius and his Daimon soldiers are gentle and considerate men.

If you own an old copy of Naberius and cannot get the update for some reason, message me on Facebook or Twitter, and I will get you a new copy.

And, as always, a review for the book would be deeply appreciated. Reviews and recommendations from readers are the number one way readers decide to purchase a new author.

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