Books I have read when I should have been writing…

Procrastination is a fact of life as a writer and sometimes it feeds me in positive ways. Sometimes when I’m writing and it becomes tough to see the words or comprehend the story anymore, I take a break and read. By getting out of my own fictive world, I am able to come back to my writing with a clear head and renewed enthusiasm.

Am I influenced by what I read? Maybe. I think my Daimon Soldiers have always acted like Dukes or Earls. HAH. Fearless writers inspire me and I am energized and enthused about writing the best story possible.

SO, I have been reading and doing a little Netflix break (Ozark and 5 seasons of Marvel’s Shield).

BUT, you ask, why have your books disappeared from the eBook sites? Don’t worry! It’s just temporary. I am preparing new covers and fixing existing typos. I will relaunch all the books starting in October. PLUS I have e new contemporary romances and I am currently writing a fantasy romance books because I am obsessed with fairies.

Okay, here is the most recent list from the late summer. I will not list books that I hated or failed to finish:

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland
So much fun and at the same time, seriously gut-wrenching. Amazing Heroine. Not strictly a romance. Zombie alternative history in the south – the heroine is an African-American slave trained to be a guard against zombies so fighting! Hell yeah.


The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoag
Smart, awkward introvert Heroine meets hot Asian/Swedish wannabe designer. It’s the old “teach me how to date (wink wink).” Sweet, super romantic and fun – this is the perfect summer read. Great writing. Buy it.

The Engagement Game by Jenny Holiday
I kept seeing Jenny Holiday’s books, but I never read any. LOVED this book. The old fake engagement trope. PLUS a hot Jewish hero. The heroine is a do-gooder non-profit employee, and her character is so authentic. She dresses wacky and is unapologetic about herself. I love tall heroines. My perfect contemporary romance – lots of feels, annoying family and witty dialog. READ this.

Butterface by Avery Flynn
A tricky book to write. I have a problem with the whole idea of a butterface which is essentially a male opinion – not pretty but a guy would sleep with her. The story works because the heroine has attitude, strength, and confidence. She is Italian (big schnozz) and unmistakably unique but super hot. I love the families of the two of them. A fun romance – also the hero is a cop, and I am a sucker for an east coast working-class romance. Great emotional ending.

A Study in Scarlett Women by Sherry Thomas
This has been sitting on the TBR pile for ages but I finally read it. BRILLIANT. Sherlock Holmes was a woman….just read this book. Confusing beginning but stick with it. I stayed up to finish this book. Sherlock Holmes was a façade for a young brilliant sort of Asperger-ish woman but she looks like the ideal English woman (blonde, small and a little chubby) but on the inside – she is a genius. I love historical romance which really brings alive the freaking struggle of being a woman back then…plus she solves crimes. I already read the second book, A Conspiracy in Belgravia and I am freaking because Sherry Thomas tweeted to me that the 3rd book is out October 2.  No problem, just need to clear that day. Yes, that good.


The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham
A fantastic debut historical romance. Dukes! WInsome and Independent heroine! He is a little damaged. She is a gardener and struggling to be independent in a world where women are owned. THE FEELS are big on this one. Danger – once you start to read you will not be able to stop. Indie author! Amazeballs.


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