Gusion: Daimon Heart – Cover Reveal

My next book Gusion: Daimon Heart is set to be released next week – mark your calendars! I’m very excited to show you the cover art for the book.

Here is the summary of Gusion: Daimon Heart, a standalone book in Daimon Soldier series.

Political intrigue, Daimons who shift form, exiled soldiers and a divided Realm hidden from the earth in its own dimension. A tale with a Viking vibe. Tatianna, a Shield-Maiden with a political future in a unified Daimon Realm and Gusion, a Daimon soldier enjoying his exile in the Earth Realm join forces to help obtain medical information on vaccines for the Daimon Realm.

Gusion is a happy-go-lucky soldier who followed his General into exile on earth. Owner of a bar and a military consultant, he loves rock n’ roll, computer games, cosplay, and surfing. But he was a Jotun Daimon soldier, a renowned Berserker and a hero from the Daimon Wars known as being the attack dog of Naberius who fought against the Ice Daimons in a great war that consumed the Realm.

Tatianna, the protector of her people, is an Ice Daimon leader fighting for peace and unity. She came to earth on a secret mission. But now she faces a political balancing act which is threatened by her growing obsession with her people’s fiercest enemy. She must choose between him and her political position…

He had never committed to anything but serving as a soldier. She has never trusted a Daimon with her heart until now. Gusion must convince Tatianna to take a chance with him before she leaves the Earth Realm for good. Either way, Venskat: the Daimon mating desire is a gift from the gods, one not to be tossed aside lightly but each of them must deal with their past before they can consider the passion that threatens to consume them. 

An explosive and passionate addition to the Daimon Soldier series. A full paranormal standalone book.



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