Readers Top Questions on the Daimon Soldier Series

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What is a Daimon?

Daimon is the Greek spelling of Daemon. Half human and half god. Homer used the word to imply both gods and half-gods. My Daimons are a duality – they have 2 forms: Human and Daimon—a fierce horned creature.

Christianity took the idea of this demi-god and turned it into the bad evil Demon.

Why don’t people on Earth know about Daimons?

In the depth of the Dark ages, a fanaticism took hold in Europe and religious leaders in Scandinavia led armed civilians to kill and destroy any Daimons. Thousands and thousands of Daimons died in what Daimons call the great killings. The survivors escaped through the gates to their own Realm and sealed them.

They take energy from each other and humans?

Back in the earliest history, Daimons believe this occurred as a result of their ability to shift in two different forms required extra energy consumption. The sharing of energy became part how Daimons social interacted with each other.  It became a way of saying hello. For intimate relationships, it became a way to flirt.

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