Maelcom Daimon Desire – December 2017


Maelcom Daimon Desire is coming soon. I am so excited to show you the cover and I can’t wait for you to read it. It will be available in December on Amazon in print and Kindle. You need to something to relax with during the holiday madness and Naberius is just the ticket.

Here is the current blurb:

A stunning new novel—an epic of fantasy, romance, and adventure with secret worlds and fabulous creatures who can shift from human to beast…

An ex-soldier with a big secret struggling to heal from the horrors of war. A beautiful Swedish artist looking for the love of her life with a kiss.

Maelcom Skov-Baern is investigating the author of an intelligence report originating in Sweden. The report mentions Daimons and he needs to ensure the existence of Daimons is kept secret. Nessa Gustafson has rented a room to the man wrote the report. Followed by Maelcom as part of his investigation, he rescues her from being attacked outside a bar. She decides to help him, believing he is a retired Danish Special Forces Soldier.

But nothing is simple when his touch is electric, and he thinks she might be his mate.

Can a free-spirited pacifist artist ever love a Daimon soldier with a bloody past who can shift shape from human form to fierce horned creature from another realm?

A standalone book in the Daimon Soldier series.




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