Maelcom: Daimon Desire COMING SOON

The next book in the Daimon Soldier series is Maelcom: Daimon Desire. It started with me thinking about the Daimons going to Comic-Con and somehow ended up with me imagining them at Coachella, but it ends up in the book being an EDM concert in Sweden.

Maelcom: Daimon Desire is a fast-paced paranormal thriller, a mashup of Bourne Identity and Beauty & the Beast. An ex-soldier trying to reinvent himself and put his violent past behind him. A beautiful artist looking for the love of her life with a kiss. Naked swimming, an EDM festival, sword battles, karaoke and murders to solve.

Also, I have a new series in the works that started as a tiny idea for a novella. Haha. It seems to be an entire series of books. I am very excited about it. It’s in the same world as Daimons but only involves them slightly. I can’t tell you any more because it’s too fresh.

If you read Naberius, you know Gusion, one of Naberius’s Daimon soldiers, has taken some time off, bought a bar and gotten into cosplay. Gusion has pitched it as a way to ensure safety in case anyone sees them transformed. Right? Just cosplay! Nothing to see here. Gusion is making fake horns for everyone.

So, I have started the third book in the Daimon Soldier series featuring Gusion, ex-Daimon berserker now turned genial barkeep/cosplay fanatic. I am planning to release Gusion: Daimon Craving in March/April.

Because of my writing schedule, I am not going to any conferences until RT Con 18 in Reno where I will be participating in the big book signing. I did a party for Indie authors last year at RT Con, and it was so cool meeting readers who would pepper me with questions about what I wrote that I decided to do the big book signing.

I swear if I had more time and money, I would go to every single conference out there. Right, who wouldn’t? Meeting favorite authors and talking romance all day is my favorite thing.




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