The Daimon Soldier Series Plans

I am hard at work on Maelcom: Daimon Soldier which is why I am not writing a lot of blogs.

I have discovered I have firm opinions about series. I love series where the books stand on their own, and you don’t force the readers to read the previous books.  The longer the series goes on, the less likely this is to happen. Right? I WOULD LOVE THAT PROBLEM.  But right now, Daimon Soldiers is three novel arch with a possible novella.

Naberius: Daimon Soldier

Maelcom: Daimon Soldier

Gusion: Daimon Soldier

Ephraim: Daimon Prince (novella)

Maelcom is a bit of a surprise. You would think he would be the dark, broody story but no, my silent dark, handsome warrior gets an exciting road trip with a rogue Ice Daimon and hot Swedish artist. Skinny dipping in Sweden. Yeah, he needs that. No more pain for him.

Gusion on the other hand, he will need to go through the fire to be redeemed. There is a lot of buried stuff behind the charming grin of everyone’s favorite barkeep.

Ephraim’s novella takes place in the Daimon realm weathers all my Daimon Soldier stories are on Earth. I get to feed my fantasy urges as an author.

I have outlined Gusion and Ephraim and I am warning you that I go off-road all the time.

The image of Bucky Barnes is an inspiration. Right? Cause Maelcom has 5 inches of height on him and has Mongol/Viking heritage but the vibe is right.

S¯vÊrnets Fr¯mandskorps


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