BOOK RELEASE Naberius: Daimon Soldier

“The buzz of her energy was interesting, but she was a little high-strung, an intense energy. Normally, he avoided that type of woman. He preferred relaxed, sexually adventurous women or, at least, he used to. He didn’t know what he liked anymore. This funny woman quivered and trembled, kept her distance, waved a Taser at him, but lit up like a shiny object when she smiled, and he couldn’t stop staring.”

Naberius: Daimon Soldier  Available now on Amazon. Free for Kindle Unlimited.


Today my book released on Amazon.

It’s all CD Reiss’s fault. I met her at a book signing in Los Angeles. I arrived early and wandered around the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles.  Taking my seat, I played with my phone. An email came in from my story editor with some harsh feedback on a new contemporary romance I had finished called “Shine Baby.” I sat there and pondered giving up this stupid writing idea.

There were three very successful indie authors talking. I felt inspired. I bought CD Reiss’s book “Marriage Games” because I love interesting books about love and marriage. While she was signing it, I must have mumbled something about writing. She waved her hand at me and said “Just go ahead and publish on Amazon. Go on. Do it.”

I went home and figured out what I had to do. I created a wildly optimistic schedule. The book was entirely finished. I found some beta readers. I thought about the feedback and did two complete rewrites. Then I hired a copy/line editor. And two more subtle rewrites, it was more of tone adjustment for my characters. My editor, Raine, was awesome. She had the best way of asking a question without judgment that would help me see another way to write or say something.

I am writing Maelcom’s story now. It is so much fun. What happens when a Daimon soldier ends up at EDM music festival in Sweden with the free spirit artist? Trouble. That’s what happens. Ana has a habit of swimming in lakes without a bathing suit. Maelcom is in deep, and it’s not because a Daimon Assassin is stalking them. Maybe it’s the way she kisses him.


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