Naberius: Daimon Soldier

Naberius: Daimon Soldier is coming out soon. May 2017.

The cover is finished, and you know, once you got a party dress on, you have to go to the party. The image you see associated with this post is a tiny bit of the cover—wait till you see the full cover. I am so excited for people to meet my hero and heroine. I spent a year with them, and I hope people fall in love with them too.

My hero, Naberius, from the beginning, was always the damaged Alpha hero but more reckless in early drafts but emerged as a controlled and tightly wound hero with a sweet side. My heroine, Jessalyn, took a more interesting journey from a traditionally sassy to a more nuanced heroine and intelligent with her own emotional baggage. She showed me that she was the one with incredible inner strength and toughness. She surprised me and showed me how to end the story.

In truth, my inspirations have come from the many strong heroines that populate the Paranormal Romance world. It takes a strong woman to handle crazy stuff. No gentle heroines. Smart and tough. Fabulous women.

I am writing Maelcom’s story now. Maelcom goes to an EDM music festival north of Stockholm. A trip with Daimons in Europe with Ana, a confident, free spirit artist. Now, if Ana will just stop skinny-dipping in every available body of water, Maelcom could just do his job and contain the intelligence leak on Daimons. But it hard to focus when Ana suggests sex for the fun of it. No big deal, she says. But some passions are hard to contain.

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