National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) is interesting. I’m enjoying the discipline of having to write every day to make my quota of words. Working in the tech industry, I spent lots of energy on scheduling and figuring out how to accomplish tasks within required amounts of time. The only difference now is that I cannot request additional resources to finish my novel. Hah! I understand the lure of ghostwriters that celebrities and the wealthy employ to finish their books. Of course, I don’t understand how they communicate to these ghosts what they want to write, is that idea simply on the tips of their tongues? Probably, these ghosts simply listen to the mutterings; take their paycheck and riff off a theme like jazz musicians playing standards.

I’m hoping some tech startup out there is working a USB port for the human brain so I can just plug in and imagine my story or better yet, have some hands-on visual interface like the movie ‘Minority Report’ although I worry holding my arms out like that will be tiring. As a stop gap, I downloaded Dragon Dictation, but except for the ease of dictating the occasional brilliant idea that occurs while I out in the world, I don’t seem to be able to speak my stories.

I’m experiencing some slippage on my goals, and I feel that NaNoWriMo doesn’t understand some basic Project Manager tricks of the trade. If you want 50,000 words on Dec 1st, you should either tell me that you want 60,000 on Dec 1st or that you want 50,000 by Nov 25th. Also, one must always schedule around holidays and other traumatic events like elections.

Someone asked me if I have gone to any local Nanowrimo events. Really? I have barely done the laundry, my place is very dusty, and I’m unsure when the shower was last cleaned. No, I have not had time or energy. I do have a weekly writers group that I attend but it is local and five minutes from where I live, and they have huge pots of coffee available for consumption. One must have priorities.

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