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I sent Naberius: A Daimon Sip to my copy editor and I can’t wait to get some feedback. I am trying not to imagine her banging her head on a table. Think positive. The only solution to keep negative thoughts at bay is to keep busy so I opened up a new doc and started writing the second book. I had sketched out a one paragraph general plot and then started writing and lo and behold on page 16, I am already going somewhere different. Sometimes I feel like my fingers know more then my brain does. Sometimes your characters just walk on the page and take control and who knew ….off we go.

My male character is Maelcom and he appeared in A Daimon Sip – he is Naberius’ investigator/cleaner/special projects guy. He is a damaged soul – a gentle soul who hardened himself for the army. I have fallen in love with Anna, my leading lady. She has a hippy soul in a modern woman, confident, spontaneous and positive – a wee bit of attention disorder. I don’t think of her as having “faults” – it’s just her approach to life is very different from Maelcom’s. The action is in Europe and it is so much fun to leave the US in my brain.

I wrote a Holiday/Christmas story for a competition because I have a soft spot for those story anthologies. I needed a break from A Daimon Sip and it proved to be a lot of fun to write. Cross my fingers and I hope it is accepted. It’s contemporary romance with a tiny magic twist. If it’s not accepted – I am going to write another Holiday short and put them together and indie publish them as a Holiday giveaway! Yay!

I have been a restless reader lately. Plowing thru a huge variety of books. I find myself most attracted to anything but paranormal books because that’s what I am writing. Historical Romance is my happy place. They are full of beautiful gowns, Dukes, and spunky women standing up to the patriarchy, etc. But I am finding fantasy and Sci-fi really compelling. Recently, I read one of my favorite Historical Romance authors, Mary Balogh, restricts herself from reading romance because she doesn’t want to be influenced. I think it’s a way for her to keep confident in her voice and her story and I appreciate that. I sometimes find myself thinking that I should change things or use some technique I just read about. I am a fairly stubborn person though – basically I am writing something I like to read. That’s all I know how to do.

The writing world is rife with authors handing out advice. Basic technique advice is available easily. Everything after that is bullshit because if they don’t know your story – how can they advise? I certainly appreciated help in sessions on craft at RT16 on POV and dialog but I think it sort of reinforced my good tendencies as opposed to having taught me the secret. Shh – I am pretty sure the secret to good writing is you have to write, write a lot and finish the story then someone can read it and that’s what makes it great. Send me $20 for that nugget.

Lately, I have been very impatient with the 1st person narrative in novels. It so rarely works well. I think “oh if they had only pulled back a bit and rewritten it in 3rd person. I love contemporary romance but it is rife with 1st person so I get disappointed a lot. Although, I just read 2 books recently that knocked it out of the park with first person. Hah – just when you think you have it figured out. A great writer can do anything!

The contemporary romance genre is very hot right now and the market is flooded with books, which produces a great variance in the quality of books but there are some amazing finds in the Indie world – very fresh stuff that doesn’t fall easily into a publishers bucket. It is critical to check out books on Goodreads and check reviews on Amazon. There is RT Book reviews, which is a solid source and tons of blog sites, which tend to be more opinionated. I do not have a problem with pulling a “DNF” with a book – some people get very upset if the book fails to capture them but hey, win some, lose some. I consider myself an adventurous reader although admittedly it helps if they are on super sale. I use Bookbub, which informs me daily of various sales on book genres I like. I have a subscription to ‘Amazon Kindle unlimited’, which is $9 a month – a good deal if you like to dabble and check out lots of different books. I do try to finish those because authors get paid on how much you read.

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  1. Dear Kate I’m soooooo impressed with you. Love the blog. Fantastic progress on your writing. Xoxoxo Rita


  2. Thanks for sharing and so excited about your progress!!! I appreciate the advice. I’ve been poring through books and articles about professional learning communities, grit and social justice because that’s what I’m working on and yes, after each reading I think about how to tweak my voice and style to the author’s that I just read. Not a good idea. Maybe I should be reading more romance as I write for a critical academic audience… 🙂 Write on, sister!! Hugs.

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