Hotline Bling

A character in my story just started dressing like Drake in Hotline Bling. Call me on my cellphone when you need my love. Freaking Cultural Zeitgeist is strong. How the hell did he learn about Drake? The character is white but he looks like a pale version of Drake down to the Timberlands. He already was a pale man when he apparently started using Drake as a fashion inspiration. This character loves music and dancing. He is an assassin. Other characters who happen to be dark skinned dress in all black because they are super secret ninja soldiers. I got to have these guys all meet up. It will be a laugh. Anyway – skin color of Daemons is variable since the human form is manifested from an ancient genetic connection to humans. So they are all mixed with varying degrees of skin color and hair. So Naberius and Gusion read European. But other characters have dark skin. Daemons have a limited ability to control skin tone control after their human form has settled in adolescence. Living in the Human realm – they tend to play a bit but try to stay consistent so not to draw attention. They see themselves as subgroups within the Daemon world and those groups are defined by where they live and particular talents each race has manifested over time that is distinct from the overall group of Daemons. Skin color is not seen as a definer in the groups.

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