I failed the Bechdel test…

I failed the Bechdel test with my story. The Bechdel test asks whether a work of fiction (book/movie/tv show etc) has at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. Huh. I have written a background scene for my female hero, Jessalyn and her best friend, Edie. Jess has an important female relationship in her life and they talk about more then men. I had tried to imagine Jess’s “ordinary” morning in an effort to get to know her. Amazingly, her best friend sprang to life and she is very cool. Edie is super confident and has had a lot boyfriends. Edie is charming and funny. Visually, she is Jess’s opposite – tall with short spiky hair. She is an artist working making computer generated characters for large multiplayer games. Jess and Edie have been friends since college. They are kind of opposites but don’t see it as a problem – they laugh at the same jokes, movies and love the same types of food. Edie’s idea of working out is to dance at clubs. Jess runs and does mixed martial arts. They are sisters in their hearts. But she is not currently in the story – at all. I think she should at least text updates to Edie. I mean – who wouldn’t keep their best friend up to speed with brief texts. I think they will use some version of Snapchat. Jess has a lot of stress about her job and the person who she has talked to most is obviously her best friend/roommate. This is important to the plot. In some way, adding Edie into the story helps flesh out Jess as more complete character and helps you understand her in a more complete way. I will see where Edie can reasonably pop into the story. Ok – so maybe I didn’t fail the test. Jess’s female friend is there in that world – I just never cued her to enter the story.

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