Difference between a Daemon and a Demon

A friend asked what was the difference of a daemon and a demon. I used “Daemon” which translated from ancient Greek is a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans. A demon is from a Christian religion and I wanted to move away from the already well-established fantasy worlds that incorporate religious myths and thinking. The female protagonist is Jewish to specifically not evoke the Christian ideas of hell and the Devil. Daemons exist in a different realm – the Daemon – or a parallel universe. The existence of daemons in the world of Naberius might have influenced early Christians in a confused attempt to understand what Daemons were and in fear they were reinterpreted in this negative way of being demons in hell or perhaps even angels. In Juadism – angels are inviolate and perfect since they are divine creations. They function as Loki type characters – putting stumbling blocks before humans.  Not to see us fail, rather, to provide us with opportunities to choose good. This see this as also being a interpretation of how ancient people thought about daemons. I am working hard on more complete background stories but I don’t want to get to specific as I want the stories to evolve in a way that serves the story and not the backstory I wrote.


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